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Seamer Rollers
Process 50-100 million cans, lasting 1-2 years before needing replacement.
Servo Motors
Enhance precision, efficiency, and reliability.
Ensure a solid 5-year lifespan with minimal maintenance.
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Experience and Expertise in Packaging

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As a trusted name among powder packaging machine manufacturers, Levapack is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive your success. Our advanced equipment is engineered to streamline your operations, boost productivity, and ensure consistent quality at every step.

Automates can feeding into the line, processing over 60 cans per minute and holding up to 170 cans, ensuring a steady supply for continuous powder packaging.

Uses UV light and blowing devices to clean cans, removing potential contaminants, which is crucial for ensuring powder product safety.

Precisely fills powders like nutrition supplements and milk into cans, featuring hoppers, filling heads, sensors, PLC control systems, and weighers to maintain consistent fill levels.

Vacuum seals cans and fills them with nitrogen gas, replacing air to preserve powder freshness and extend shelf life.

Applies sturdy and effective caps to seal cans securely, preventing powder leakage and contamination.

Accurately applies labels to powder-filled cans using self-adhesive materials that can stick on different surfaces, ensuring clear product identification and branding.

Brands cans and adds essential data like barcodes and production dates using technologies such as inkjet, laser, nitrogen dioxide, or color banding, facilitating powder product traceability.

Efficiently removes sealed and labeled powder-filled cans from the conveyor after canning, holding them securely, ready for smooth transfer to packaging and distribution.

Various Applications Powder Packaging Solutions

Our powder packaging machine lines are meticulously designed to cater to diverse packaging needs across different industries, ensuring product integrity, freshness, and safety with each seal. This adaptability is crucial for modern manufacturing and distribution efficiency.

Milk Powder Packaging

Our milk powder packaging machine lock in freshness with precision filling and advanced sealing techniques, enhancing shelf life and reducing waste.

Spice Powder Packaging

Tailored to keep spices vibrant, our spice powder packing machine avoids cross-contamination and ensures flavors remain intense and aromatic through precise sealing.

Coffee Powder Packaging

Our coffee powder packaging machine protects coffee from moisture and oxygen, maintaining its rich aroma and robust flavor in every package.

Nutrition Powder / Protein Powder Packaging

We ensure accurate nutrient distribution per serving with secure, nitrogen-flushed packaging that prevents degradation and maintains efficacy.

Custom-Built Powder Packaging Machines
For Optimal Results

Levapack, as a powder packing machine supplier, understands that each business has unique powder packaging requirements. Our customizable powder packaging machines are designed to optimize your production process, enhance product quality, and increase profitability.

Powder canning machine line

Application-Specific Customization

We fine-tune our machines to your powder's characteristics, ensuring pinpoint precision and efficiency.

Tailored Speed & Capacity

From output to speed, we calibrate our machines to match your production goals perfectly.

Branded Component Options

Ensure peak performance with top-brand components. Our tailored screw conveyors handle your powder with finesse and precision.

Custom-Fit Size

We craft machines that fit your space like a glove, creating an intuitive, efficient workflow.

Why Choose LevaPack as Your
Powder Canning Line Manufacturer?

As top-tier powder packing machine suppliers, LevaPack commits to a holistic service approach that spans from precise manufacturing processes to robust after-sales support. This dedication not only streamlines production lines for clients but also ensures consistent performance and reduces downtime, maximizing return on investment over the lifespan of each machine.

Superior Materials for Superior Products

At Levapack, we understand that the foundation of any great product is the quality of the materials used. That’s why our powder packaging machines are built with premium 304 or 316 stainless steel that’s at least 2mm thick. These materials are not only durable and easy to maintain, but they’re also specifically chosen to ensure the machines can withstand the rigors of intense, everyday use while complying with the highest food safety standards.

Stainless steel

Branded Components

We’re meticulous about the components we choose. That’s why we source from world-renowned suppliers like Siemens, SEW, SMC, and Schneider. These top-tier components enhance the performance of our machines, ensuring not only unmatched precision and efficiency but also significantly reducing the likelihood of downtime due to maintenance issues. We carefully select each part to ensure that every element works together seamlessly, providing a reliable and durable solution for your packaging needs.

Dedicated to Detail in Quality Testing

Trust is earned with consistency and reliability, and at Levapack, rigorous testing is at the heart of our production process. Each machine is tested extensively—with over 100 operational tests, including 48 hours of no-load testing and 36 hours of aging—to guarantee optimal performance. This thorough testing is overseen by our experienced engineers and documented with detailed reports and video, giving you full confidence in the integrity and capabilities of your machine.

Capping Machine

Capability in Manufacturing

Our facilities are designed to be as robust as the machines we build. Spanning 4,000 square meters with the capability to produce over 80 machines a month, we employ advanced CNC technology to maintain high standards of quality and consistency. This scale and precision in manufacturing allow us to meet demands swiftly and effectively, ensuring that we’re always ready to deliver.

Comprehensive Support and Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with a 16-month warranty covering all essential repairs and part replacements. Our dedicated support team is available around the clock, poised to swiftly tackle any operational challenges you might face. We go further by offering thorough training and ongoing technical support, from clear step-by-step setup guides to optional personalized on-site training. This comprehensive approach ensures you can seamlessly manage your equipment and effortlessly adapt to any production line changes, all while maximizing efficiency and maintaining smooth operations.

Trusted Powder Packaging Machine Factory
With Prestigious Certifications


Capping Machine CE Certificate

Can Sealing Machine CE Certificate

Side Label Applicator CSA Certificate

Fully Auto Can Sealing Machine CSA Certificate

Fully Auto Capping Machine CSA Certificate

Smooth and Effective Powder Packaging Line Workflows

Our powder canning machines feature the use of powder filling machines that come with two nozzles. One nozzle is wider and larger than the other and is used in the filling process. They ensure that the powders are filled into the cans with accuracy and precision at all times.

Once the cans are filled, they are then directed to the sealing station where a tight metal seal is employed on the cans. This is done to ensure that the powders don’t get contaminated or spill.

Depending on your brand’s style, you have the option of adding a plastic colorless cap on the powder cans. Once that is done, the cans are now directed to the labeling machine to ensure your brand is well represented. After that, the canned powders are ready to hit the market.

Powder Canning Machines FAQs

1. Can LevaPack's machines handle different materials of cans?

Yes, LevaPack’s powder packaging machine manufacturer expertise ensures that our machines are versatile and can handle a variety of can materials, including aluminum, tinplate, and plastic. Our custom-designed can feeding systems adjust easily to accommodate different sizes and materials, ensuring seamless operation and reducing downtime. This flexibility allows clients to switch between different packaging materials as per their market needs and customer preferences without additional investment in new machinery.

2. How do LevaPack's machines handle fine, dusty powders without causing clumping or buildup?

Powder filling machine suppliers like LevaPack specifically engineer their equipment with advanced dust-handling capabilities to prevent clumping or buildup. Our machines incorporate precision-engineered auger fillers and dust extraction systems that maintain the integrity of even the finest powders. This not only preserves the quality and consistency of the product but also ensures a clean and safe operating environment, adhering to the highest standards of cleanliness and efficiency.

3. What are Types of Powder Filling Machines?

Our powder filling machines are designed to be the perfect companions for your manufacturing processes. They are designed to give you great service and ensure that you provide the best to your customers. These machines come in different types which include:
Vacuum Feeding Powder Filling Machines
The vacuum powder filling machine works to preserve the freshness of the products being filled. The powders in this process will be compressed and the air is drawn out to keep them in great condition for packing.
Screw Feeding Powder Filling Machines
Screw feeding powder filling machines are the most used by different powder filling machine manufacturers around the world. This is because these machines offer great service when it comes to both free-flowing and non-free-flowing powders. All you need is to adjust the settings when working with this machine.

4. What is the expected lifespan of LevaPack's dry powder packaging machines?

As a leading powder packaging machine supplier, LevaPack constructs every machine to last. Typically, the lifespan of our dry powder packaging machines extends well beyond 6-10 years with proper maintenance. Our machines are built using only high-quality materials and components sourced from reputable suppliers, ensuring durability and reliability which minimizes downtime and extends the service life of the equipment.

5. How do LevaPack's powder canning machines handle product changeovers?

Powder packing machine manufacturers like LevaPack have refined the product changeover process to be quick and efficient. Our machines feature programmable logic controllers (PLC) and quick-release mechanisms that allow for fast and easy adjustments. This flexibility enables manufacturers to switch between different powder types and can sizes with minimal downtime, thereby increasing productivity and flexibility in production scheduling.

6. How do LevaPack's canning lines machines compare to competitors in terms of price?

When compared to other china automatic powder packing machine manufacturers, LevaPack stands out for offering competitive pricing without compromising on quality or performance. We strive to provide cost-effective solutions by optimizing our manufacturing processes and sourcing high-quality components at favorable rates. Our pricing strategy ensures that you get superior value for your investment, positioning LevaPack as a cost-effective provider in the global market.

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