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Fish Canning Machine in LevaPack

Levapack works to produce quality fish can packaging machines that you can rely on and work with to boost your productions. These machines are designed and developed by experienced designers and engineers with quality expertise. We work with the latest technologies and quality raw materials to ensure that we offer you the best.

Our fish canning machines are designed to feature different applications and processes to give you a great all-around experience. We do this to ensure that businesses have what it takes to operate a fully functional production process. With this, you can be sure that your filling, sealing, labeling, and any other needs you may have will be catered to by our well-established products.  


We also produce filler machines for solid products. The high degree of automation that saves labor costs. Suitable as supporting equipment for packaging production.

  • Model: LPE-SFL004
  • 4 heads linear weigher,filling speed up to 25 to 30 cans/min.
  • Suitable for different kinds of round can package, such as tin can ,PET can , paper tube etc.
  • Perfect for quantitative weighing filling of granular products such as sugar, salt, rice, beans, seeds, feed, desiccant and plastic pellets.


Another high-quality filling machine manufactured by our company. Ideal for all kinds of common standard materials, suitable for candy, melon seeds, jelly, frozen, pet food, puffed food, pistachio, peanut, nuts, almonds, raisins, and other snack foods.

  • Model: LPE-SFM014
  • High-precision, high-standard special sensors.
  • Factory parameter setting recovery function, support multi-stage weight calibration.
  • Automatically pause when material is missing, making weighing more stable.


The most flexible filling machine our company supply. Besides, if you can’t find a filler machine that suits your needs, we can design one especially for you.

  • Model : LPE-SFC005
  • Customized filling head to meet different production capacity .
  • Suitable for round can packages , such as tin can , PET can , paper tube etc.
  • Perfect for quantitative filling of granular products and puffed food, such as beans,preserved fruit, especially for popcorn.


This fully-automatic can sealer equipped with 4 rollers can achieve double seam via 2 operations to avoid leakage. One of the top sealing machines for sealing tuna, sardine & other cannery food in the tin, aluminum, ferrum and other round metal cans.

  • Model: LPE-FHV50V
  • High volume Fully-automatic single head seame.
  • Adjustable production capacity,seam Up to 50 cans/minute.
  • 4 rollers for consistent & leak-proof seam.
  • Perfect for sealing tin, aluminum, PET& other paper cans with a maximum diameter of 130mm.

This is an ideal vacuum can sealer machine for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical industry and so on. The entire process is carried out in a sealed chamber, making can packaging much easier.

  • Model:LPE-FVC06
  • Suitable for all kinds of tin cans, aluminum cans, plastic cans, paper cans and other round cans.
  • The cans are first vacuumed and then filled with gas nitrogen, finally sealed. The remaining oxygen inside the can is lower than 3%.

How Fish Canning Machines Work

Fish canning machines are an incredible addition to your business and production processes. They are designed to offer ease of use and increase your production capacities significantly. To have a better understanding of how our fish canning machines work, we’ll have to look at different processes that are undertaken. These processes include:

Can Filling

When it comes to working with fish canning machines, the first step is the filling of different cans with fish. This process is done with a lot of accuracy and precision to ensure there’s no spillage or wastage. The can filling machines feature sensors that alert them when an empty can is ready to be filled. Additionally, the machines also come with weighers to ensure that the cans are filled accurately with the right measurements. 

Can Sealing

Can sealing is where the filled cans are tightly sealed to prevent any risks of spillage or contamination during production. Seeing as you are working with fish, it is important to pay attention to the machines you work with. They have to be very accurate and employ the seals as tightly as possible. Our can sealing machines are designed to offer just that with additional features that give your products the best seal. This leaves you feeling confident once your products hit the market knowing they won’t be compromised. 

Can Labeling

Once the fish cans are filled and sealed, they need to be labeled to make them easier to identify and work with. This is done using our can labeling machines that are designed to add stickers on to the body or cap of the can. They are designed to be accurate to ensure consistency and uniformity from one can to the next. This is a great machine that comes in handy given that individually applying such labels manually would be a complete drag. 

Suitable for Various Canned Fish Packaging

Our fish canning machines are developed with great care and thought-out applications to ensure they serve you. These machines are suitable for canning tinned salmon, canned mackerel, tinned sardines, tinned tuna, and more fish.

Given that our fish canning machines are designed to feature different packaging processes, it may prove to be a problem for clients looking for one specific function. This is why we offer customization options to all our clients and consider their specific requirements.

If you’d want to omit a certain function or add a feature to your products we are ready to work with you to achieve this. Feel free to reach out with your requirements or concerns and we will gladly address them and get started on creating your ideal fish canning machine.

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