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Automatic Capping Machine in Levapack

With the many challenges that packaging industries are facing, they would need a packaging system that can automate their production lines effectively. This includes automatic capping machines that help in the quick capping of a variety of containers using different closure types. They provide a more cost-effective and efficient means of packaging your containers compared to manual hand-capping.
Levapack is a China-based automatic capper machine manufacturer that can supply you with both snap and screw capping machines at affordable prices. Our company’s capping machines can be redesigned to accommodate the closure types you are using, from simple snap-on closures to anti-theft ones. We also offer chuck and spindle screw cappers for sale that are able to provide the proper torque to seal your cans tightly without breaking your containers.
Streamline your production lines effectively with Levapack’s intelligent automatic snap cappers designed using the latest automation technology for a more reliable packaging process. Decrease your operating costs and increase your sales by opting for a more innovative packaging solution. Reach out to us now and let us tailor your machines according to your business’ specific needs!

As a professional manufacturer in China, we offer this customized snap capper machine for different kinds of caps. The perfect full-automatic snap capping machine for high efficiency.

  • Model:LPE-CRL001
  • Customized capping machine for cannabis can package.
  • Can be redesigned for different kinds of caps.
  • Improve production capacity ,free your hands.


The capping machine with great performance. The capping system adopts international famous brand PLC, man-machine interface and other main components for integrated control, stable performance and easy to understand the operation.

  • Model: LPE-DPC60
  • This machine adopts the conveyor belt type into the bottle, the speed is smooth and smooth.
  • The drop cover method is the lower suction type, which is fast and stable.

Fully automatic aluminum cover anti-theft cover capping machine widely used in all kinds of non-gas beverages, juices, wine anti-theft cover, winery, condiment factory, beverage factory and other manufacturers of ideal equipment.

  • Model: LPE-RVS040
  • A certain degree of automation is achieved, the price is moderate, and an automatic protection device is provided at the inlet and outlet wheel to ensure safety.
  • This machine is mainly used for the sealing of the aluminum cover.


Our factory manufactures this fully automatic screw capping machine at the best price. The capping rate is high, the speed is fast, etc. Suitable for capping PET cans with caps in food, beverage industry & more.

  • Model: LPE-SCM008
  • Advanced man-machine interface operating system, operating parameters can be stored and adjusted, fault prompts, easy to use.
  • Eight-wheeled cap in motion, the capping speed is fast, and it can effectively prevent the anti-theft cap from breaking and damage to the cap.


Equipped with a rotatory cap feeder & 6-station rotatory clincher, this screw capping machine is able to cap accurately. Suitable for capping glass jars with small caps for food applications like sauce, jam, etc.

  • Model: LPE-RSC040
  • The cap torque and vacuum can be set as needed to ensure the vacuum is up to standard.
  • Replacing the bottle type is quick and easy, and the replacement of different bottle types can be completed in 3 minutes.


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