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Can Sealing Machine Manufacturer

LPE is a China-based manufacturer offering a complete line of can sealing machine.

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    Select Your Machines

    Our can sealing machines can be flexibly adapted to
    meet your production needs.

    • Fully Automatic High Volume Round Can Sealing Machine

      Features: This fully-automatic can seamer equipped with 4 rollers can achieve double seam via 2 operations to avoid leakage.

      Applications: Ideal for sealing tuna, sardine & other cannery food in the tin, aluminum, Ferrum and other round metal cans.

    • Fully Automatic Vacuum Can Sealing Machine

      Features: This machine combines functions of vacuuming, nitrogen filling and can sealing.

      Applications: Suitable for all kinds of tin cans, aluminum cans, plastic cans, paper cans and other round cans for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical & chemical industry.

    • Fixed Speed Can Sealing Machine With Servo System

      Features: This machine equipped with 4 rollers can seal up to 30 cans/ minute and ensures consistent & leak-proof seams.

      Applications: Perfect for sealing tin, aluminum, PET & other paper cans with a maximum diameter of 130mm.

    Industries We Support

    • Food
    • Beverage
    • Chemical
    • Tuna
    • Jam
    • Sauce
    • Cannabis
    • Nutrition Powder
    • Honey
    • Beer
    • Soda
    • Water
    • Juice
    • Carbonated Beverage
    • Coffee
    • Paint
    • Ink
    • Lube Oil
    • Glue
    • Farm Chemicals
    • Cleaning Liquid

    All-rounded Support Step by Step

    360° Support - With us, your machines are in good hand.

    • Needs

    • Design

    • Craft

    • Test

    • Packing

    • Aftersales

    Understand Your Needs

    At the very beginning, our engineer will consult closely with you to fully understand:

    • The material and size of your container; • The products you need to seal; • Your demand for product yield; • The optional systems and features you require; • The size, layout & environment of your plant.

    Design Your Packing Solutions

    With our design and R&D capability, we can turn your concepts into reality. After an in-depth communication with you, our engineer will design your machines taking every detail into considerations:

    • Machine appearance • Your demand for product yield • Machines' size & layout to better accomodate to your plant

    Craft Your Equipment

    The combination of best materials, CNC-produced parts & skilful assembly gives every machine the precision it needs. At LPE, we offer you multiple options to carry out the design. You can customize:

    • #304 or #316 stainless steel as raw materials • Electrical parts from world-renowned brands • Machine toolings that perfectly match your can type

    Test Device Performance

    After the production, a strict trial test will be performed. At this stage, we'll ask for some can samples from your side to check:

    • If your machine runs smoothly • If the machine meets your requirements on product yield • Defective rate • This will be followed up by a no-load run test to make sure the machines are safe for use before sending to you.

    Safe Packing Your Machines

    Every machine is carefully packed with plastic wrap before it goes into the wooden case that specially designed for machine export.

    Fixed devices are built into the machine to prevent movement during transportation, which ensures the integrity of the machine after arrival.

    Complete Aftersales Service

    Our professional engineers are standing behind each machine. Our comprehensive and considerate aftersales services include:

    • A spare kit composed of essential spare parts & components • Installation guide & training to help you keep the machine running stably and safely. • Free consultation & solution to technical challenges
    • Reply in 24h
    • 1-Year Warranty
    • Lifetime Support

    Professional Manufacturing

    We keep full traceability of machine quality throughout the manufacturing process.

    • Well-selected Raw Materials

    • Parts Processing & Inspection

    • Intricate Hand Assembly

    • Careful Machine Inspection

    • Strict Trial & No-load Run Test

    • Final Polishing

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    A Worthwhile Investment
    For Your Business

    • For Factories

      - Fully customized sealing solution - Comprehensive support - Improved productivity & efficiency - Lower labor cost
    • For Machine Distributors

      - Competitive wholesale price - Consistent quality - Safe packing - Short lead time & fast delivery

    What Our Clients Say

    LPE has been working with leading companies around the globe.

    • "I’m more than happy to work with LPE. They customize a whole line of machines for our nutrition packaging line, which really streamline the whole process & improve our productivity. "

      — CEO of Harrison Sport Nutrition S.L., Spain

    • “I’m appreciated by our cooperation with LPE. The machines they supply are well-packed & arrived timely. And the support they offer from installation, training to technical guidance really help a lot.”

      — CEO of a Machine Trading Company from Egypt

    • “The machines perform well in filling, sealing, labeling our tea powder. Thanks for your guidance on installation & maintenance. Very reliable manufacturer.”

      — CEO of Fraus Australia Pty Ltd

    • “The machines are easy to work with & the end results are excellent that our packaging is highly praised by our clients. Thanks a lot!”

      —   Purchase Manager of SONOCO (a package manufacturer) from Malaysia

    • “Packaging machines from LPE are really cost-effective. The toolings fit perfectly & the sealing tightness meet our requirements.”

      — CEO of Bella Rosa Coffee Company, Inc. from USA

    Gain Higher ROI For Your Business With Our Can Sealing Machines!

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